Last Reggae Monday before our first tour!!!

Hear ye Hear ye!!!  Tonight you can catch our last Reggae Monday before we leave for our first WEST COAST TOUR!!!  We plan on bringing it hard tonight, as we are so amped and ready to finally hit the road!  Put your dancing shoes on and alert your friends, it’s going down at the Spot Tavern tonight!  We will not be back on our Reggae Mondays till October 29th, but do not miss Monday nights as we still have featured Reggae acts performing for your dancing pleasure!  As always, show starts at 9pm, see you all tonight!


Reggae Mondays feat. Treehouse!!!!

Tonight is going to be another epic night of music!  Tonight we are honored to be hosting another phenomenal band from South Carolina, on tour through the NW, we have Treehouse!!!!  These legends are sure to bring down the house, only the best music on a Monday night, DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  On the fence about whether to come out or not?  Check out one of their Sugarshack Sessions videos and decide for yourself… and when you get here you can thank us for telling you come out.  As always, show starts at 9pm at the Spot Bar & Grill, see you all tonight!


Reggae Mondays w/ Massive Delicious Duo!!!

Another week gone by and another great band coming to join us on our Reggae Mondays!  Tonight we have Sacramento CA band Massive Delicious coming out from on tour to jam some tunes for the night!  Later tonight you can catch our full band as we try out some new horn players constantly making our sound bigger!  Always the best in live reggae entertainment on a Monday, don’t miss another packed show!  See you all tonight, same bat time, same bat channel (9pm at the Spot Bar & Grill), we gonna get IRIE!!!

Reggae Mondays w/ Skyler Lutes!!!

The return of this San Diego badass is happening tonight at the Spot Bar & Grill!  Tonight we are hosting Skyler Lutes once again for his Summergreen tour!  If you missed him last time he performed on our Reggae Mondays he absolutely lit the place up!!!  I’m sure tonight will be no different, always the best in live reggae entertainment on a Monday in the NW!!!  If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself.  As always, show starts at 9pm at the Spot Bar & Grill, see you all there!

The Goodfoot in Portland!!!

BAM!!!  Big night tonight peeps!  Tonight we will be closing out the night at the renowned Goodfoot Pub & Lounge alongside ZuhG and Conscience Nest!!!  Last time we played at The Goodfoot we literally brought down the house, and tonight will be no different!  Not to mention, we got ZuhG, the badasses from Sacramento CA coming out to bring a live show you will never forget!  Only the best live entertainment, don’t miss tonight friends!  Show starts at 9pm, $8 cover.  See you all there!

2 Hard hitters on a Monday night!

If you’ve been following our Reggae Mondays, tonight you are in for a treat!  We are hosting not one, but TWO phenomenal bands tonight on their NW tours!  Coming from Eugene, OR we have our close brothers and Reggae Mondays veterans One Dollar Check coming to lay it down like they always do!  Then, we also have Policulture coming out from Boulder, CO to keep us dancing through the night!  Only the best in live reggae entertainment on a Monday night, do not miss tonight!  As always show starts at 9pm at the Spot Bar & Grill.  See you all there!

Another Reggae Mondays with Zahira & Rising Buffalo Tribe!!!

Blessed to bring our sistren and bredren back tonight for another Reggae Mondays!  Tonight we are hosting Zahira & Rising Buffalo Tribe once again for another phenomenal show!  This time she is coming back debuting her newest single Mystic One, as well as all of her badass originals.  We had such a great time with these guys last time, we absolutely had to bring back our friends from just across the river.  Come out only if you wanna dance!  Show starts at 9pm as always, at the Spot Bar & Grill.  See you all there!

Oakridge Keg and Cask Festival!!!

Today we are heading down the “Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest” for some beer and wine!  If you’re looking for something to do today, you can catch us in Oakridge OR performing at the 10th annual Keg and Cask Festival!  We go on at 5pm sharp, so if you’re out in the Eugene area come on down and share a beer with us!  What better way to spend your Saturday than with BEER, FOOD, and MUSIC?!?!?

Return of Naughty Pine for Reggae Mondays!!!

Coming on back for another Reggae Mondays we will be hosting our good friends from the Tri-Cities WA, Naughty Pine!  These guys slayed it last time, awesome vibes all around.  Going on their Summer tour in the NW, these guys are hitting up 4 states in 2 weeks!  If you missed them the last time they were here, don’t let it happen again!  We have only the best live entertainment on a Monday, and we are excited to have our brothas back for the night!  As always, show starts at 9pm at the Spot Bar & Grill, see you all there!