Meltdown Showdown pre-sale tickets!!!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us reach our goal to be in the top 5 artists to attend the Meltdown Showdown in Seattle on May17th!!!  The competition is not over however, now is our chance to actually compete in the showdown and show them in person what the Collection of Lone Souljahs are all about!  I know many of you would like come out and support us further by attending this event with us!  However, we have been instructed to alert our fans that tickets for the Meltdown Showdown in Seattle at the Nectar Lounge sold out IN ADVANCE last year, so if you are planning on attending this event with us please make sure to buy a ticket as soon as you can!  You can purchase your tickets here, I believe they are only $7 pre-sale:

Meltdown Showdown 2018

Big Things in May!!!

This month is gonna be nuts!  Playing the Global Cannabis March at Pioneer Square tomorrow at 2pm, then Bossanova Ballroom with INDUBIOUS and Zahira w/ RBT on May 12th, only to end up in Seattle at the Nectar Lounge on May 17th for the Meltdown Showdown!!!  All the while, we are still hosting our weekly Reggae Mondays at the Spot Bar & Grill, hosting Naughty Pine on May 7th (Tri-Cities, WA), Indyca on May 14th (Indianapolis, IN), and Sun-Dried Vibes on May 28th (Rock Hill, SC)!  Also, for memorial day weekend you can find us at the Oregon coast playing at the Nauti Mermaid Beach House on May 26th!  The shows are truly picking up!  Where will you catch CoLoSo next???


Indubious May 12th BB

Meltdown Showdown 2018

Reggae Mondays w/ The Lambsbread and Arkaingelle!!!

This past weekend was great full of awesome shows, thank you to everyone who came out and showed some love!  Tonight, we have a special treat for everyone!!!  Tonight, we are hosting 2 bands on tour from Hawaii on our Reggae Mondays!  Tonight we have the pleasure of hosting Arkaingelle and the Lambsbread from Maui HI!  Always the best live entertainment on a Monday, do not miss this show!  As always the show starts at 9pm at The Spot Bar & Grill, and you can catch us going on first this evening!  Come out and skank with us!

The Lambsbread Vancouver Flyer

Reggae Saturday at the Quarterdeck!

Last night was a blast, as per usual when we play at the Spot, and we will see you all there again on Monday!  Tonight however, you can catch us right down the road at the Quarterdeck bar at 10pm!  It’s always a good time at the Quarterdeck, and we will be playing all night long!  Come out and dance with us!  Also, please don’t forget to vote for our band at the Summer Meltdown Festival website so we can compete in the Meltdown Showdown in Seattle!  Today is the last day to vote!  We appreciate the support!  Vote here:

reggae saturdays qdeck

Double Dose of CoLoSo!!!

If you’re jonesing for a CoLoSo reggae show on a Friday or Saturday, we are doing 2 shows in our hometown this weekend!  Tonight you can catch us at our regular weekly Monday night location – The Spot Bar & Grill!  And tomorrow you can catch us right down the road at Quarterdeck Bar!  Both shows go till 1am, so expect the dancing to go all night long!!!  Show starts at 9pm, see you all there!


Another round of Reggae Mondays!!!

Hope everybody had a great 4/20 weekend!  If you got too stoned to go out this weekend, be sure to join us tonight at the Spot Bar & Grill!  That’s right, it’s Monday again and we are gonna jam all night long!  The past few Mondays have been full of different acts, and many more are to come on a Monday.  Tonight, however you can catch our band perform for the full night!  Also, don’t miss the sensational Hawaii band ‘the Lambsbread’ perform with us next week!  Only the best live entertainment on a Monday in the NW, see you all there!

banner for reg mon

CoLoSo shows for the next few weeks

Summer is right around the corner and we are ramping up our schedule of shows!  Don’t miss out on all the great shows we will be playing at in the next few weeks:

Tonight:  Heathen Feral Public House 4/20 Celebration at 6pm

Tomorrow:  Green Lady Shoppe in Olympia Jungle Camo themed 4/20 party at 8pm

Monday 4/23:  Spot Bar & Grill Reggae Mondays at 9pm

Friday 4/27:  Spot Bar & Grill weekend show at 9pm

Saturday 4/28:  Quarterdeck Bar Reggae Saturdays at 10pm

Monday 4/30:  Spot Bar & Grill Reggae Mondays w/ special guests Lambsbread and Arkaingelle at 9pm

Saturday 5/5:  Pioneer Square for the Global Cannabis March at 2pm

Monday 5/7:  Spot Bar & Grill Reggae Mondays w/ special guests Naughty Pine at 9pm

Saturday 5/12:  Bossanova Ballroom w/ Zahira and INDUBIOUS at 9pm

Also, if you want to see us perform at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle on May 17th, don’t forget to vote for us at the Summer Meltdown website!

Happy 4/20 everyone!  Come join us at one of our shows!!!