4th Annual NW Freedom Fest!

It’s that time again, another year gone by and we are proud to be playing at the 4th annual NW Freedom Fest!  At the very first NW Freedom Fest our singer Kevin Coloso opened up the music on Saturday only 4 years ago as a solo act.  Ever since then we have returned every year with a bigger and better band!  Complete with fireworks, camping, beer garden, glass blowing, food and vendors, as well as a phenomenal line up of bands this year you can’t go wrong on attending this event!  We will be playing at 5:50pm on Saturday, but both nights are full of amazing bands that you’re not gonna wanna miss!  http://nwfreedomfest.net/

freedom fest

Valley Green and CoLoSo at Brickhouse for Cruisin the Gut!

That’s right you heard correctly, Valley Green is performing at Brickhouse alongside yours truly tonight!  With the downtown Vancouver Cruisin the Gut going on right outside, it’s sure to be a kick ass night!  Valley Green are some of our brothers in arms from Tacoma WA who are currently on their summer tour.  One of our personal favorite bands to play with, do not miss their phenomenal show.  We will starting off the night at 9pm and Valley Green goes on at 10:45.  We’ll see you all tonight!

VG Band

Just a THANK YOU to all CoLoSo fans

Holy moley what a week!  Me and the boys are eternally thankful to have such amazing friends and family.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate the love and support every single one of you share with us.  We are truly blessed to be alive on this planet at the same time as all of you.  I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences we’ve had this week for all the money in the world.  It’s all of you that make this musical journey we are on worth every second, I am literally in tears.  Making new friendships and strengthening old ones, we are all excited to continue playing our music for you all.  That being said, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again to everyone who came to our shows this past week in Long Beach, Vancouver, Portland, Eugene, and Bend.  Also, big ups to all the bands we shared stages with this week: No Worries from Vancouver, Piracy Conspiracy from San Diego, Satisfi from Portland, Sol Seed from Eugene, and House of Shem from New Zealand.  With too many guest performers to count, I can’t stress enough how rad all of you are.  The best part?  This is only the beginning!  We will see you all at the next show!  Bless

– Kevin Coloso, Lead Singer/Ukulele

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Piracy Conspiracy at the Brickhouse!

The summer is officially in full effect!  Last night celebrating the 4th of July out at the No Worries Beach Fest in Long Beach WA was insane!  Hope everyone had as good a 4th as we did!  However, the party does not stop there!  Tonight, we are playing our normal weekly gig at Brickhouse alongside Piracy Conspiracy from San Diego!  This awesome band from Cali will rock your socks off, be prepared to dance all night!  If you were there the last time we hosted a touring band (FAYUCA), you already know to get there early before it gets to crazy!  Check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBrHJwUR9A0&feature=youtu.be

piracy conspiracy all dates flyer

FAYUCA in town for another night!

Last night was a blast, much love and respect to all the bands we played with.  It has been a year since we’ve gotten to play alongside FAYUCA, and we had so much fun we are keeping the party going for another night!  Tonight at Brickhouse in Vancouver WA our homies from Phoenix AR will be gracing our presence for an impromptu appearance!  These guys are no joke, if you normally enjoy our music be prepared to have your socks knocked off.  We will still be there of course, so expect an insane show tonight.  FAYUCA always brings it hard and you all already know how we like to do it on Mondays, so needless to say tonight is gonna be off the chain!!!  DO NOT MISS TONIGHT!!!


bhouse2 - mondays

First summer weekend of CoLoSo!

Don’t miss our shows this weekend!  Tomorrow night we are playing at our normal Monday Spot in Vancouver – Brickhouse!  We will be closing out the night, we go on around 10:30.  Also, don’t miss our Sunday night show in Portland playing with our homies from Arizona – Fayuca!  Last time we played with these guys we had a blast, we are excited to see them again alongside our other homies Chris Carpenter and the Collective and Steady Riot.  This weekend is gonna be nuts!

analog cafe june 5th 2016

Coloso Mondays

We had a blast this past weekend, showcasing our band at both our weekly regular venues!  The benefit concert for Lisa Buffum this past Saturday at Brickhouse went phenomenal, we raised over $1000 for her cause.  Big ups to all the openers from that night, it was a pleasure to embrace the Vancouver WA music scene with all of you.  As per usual, we will be throwing another night full of dancing and fun with anyone else who wants to continue the music at Brickhouse tonight starting at 8pm.  We’ll see you all again tonight!

bhouse2 - mondays