Hot Reggae Mondays!

The heat has arrived!  If you’re looking for something to do after one of the first hot days of the summer,  look no further!  Reggae Mondays are back, this time with just yours truly for the entire night!  After hosting fantastic bands the past few weeks, we are all excited to play a full night for everyone tonight!  That being said, come cool off with a few drinks with us at Brickhouse tonight at 9pm sharp!  See you all there!

newst reggae mondays

Reggae Mondays feat. The Green Room!

Another Reggae Mondays are in effect!  After last week, the reggae train is only picking up momentum, this time with our local brothas The Green Room from Gresham OR!  This isn’t the first time we’ve played alongside these badasses, and we are blessed to share another night with them.  Come out tonight to the Brickhouse in downtown Vancouver and dance away the cold with us, and as you already know the show starts at 9pm sharp!


newst reggae mondays

Ekolu w/ Collection of Lone Souljahs and One Dollar Check in Dexter, OR

Happy Friday everyone! We are stoked to announce that we will be in Dexter, OR tomorrow, opening for the world famous island trio, Ekolu!

We will also be joining our homies One Dollar Check from Eugene for this gig, so don’t miss it!

Fun fact: The Dexter’s Lake Club is also the location of the “Shout” scene in the classic Jim Belushi comedy, Animal House.

Hopefully we can get the crowd moving like they did in that famous scene. In any case, we will be in town all night enjoying the music. Come say hi! Much love to everyone and your beautiful mother’s this weekend.

Ekolu 5-13-2017

Early announcement for this REGGAE MONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week we have an impromptu appearance from a phenomenal band from CA – Tomorrows Bad Seeds!!!  This band you will not want to miss!  We are blessed to have the opportunity to play alongside a band like this on our very own reggae Mondays at the Brickhouse in downtown Vancouver.  If you like reggae, support local music, or just want to embrace the new found sun that decided to grace our presence for the past few days (with few downpour sprinkles), DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will see you all there this Monday at 9pm!

2 FREE SHOWS! 4/20 with Coloso!

Hello, and a Merry Jane to all.

Tomorrow, in celebration of this wonderful day, we are playing two awesome shows.

At 1pm we will be at Mary Janes House of Grass, 8312 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98664.

Later tomorrow night, at 9pm, we will be at Heathen Brewing’s FERAL Public House, 1109 Washington Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660.

Come get lifted with us and feel the vibes. Both shows are free, 21 and older. Hope to see you there!

420 at Heathen Brewing 420 at Mary Janes

Reggae Monday with Coloso and NoNeed (from Tampa, FL)

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

Tonight, we are hosting NoNeed, a Reggae/Rock/Fusion band on tour all the way from Tampa, FL. These guys have a really tight knit, upbeat sound, really looking forward to bringing them to Vancouver for everyone. They’ve played with many of our peers and we’ve heard lots of good things. Come out and show your support for underground reggae and prepare to have a fun night of dancing and beautiful music.

Show starts at 9pm, goes all night long, free as always, 21 and over only.

Cheers and have a great night everyone. Coloso loves you! Hope to see you at the Brickhouse.


NoNeed 4-10-2017

Cedar Creek Celebration at The Brickhouse

Tonight, we are hosting an extra special Reggae Monday at the Brickhouse in celebration of our sponsors, Cedar Creek Cannabis, for winning the award for Best of Clark County 2017 in the cannabis farm category, 2nd year in a row, reigning champs! We are so proud and honored to be sponsored by such a professional, well established, local farm like Cedar Creek. Not only do they sow the best seeds to grow amazing weed, but they also help us grow and evolve as a band, and we never leave with an empty hand. We couldn’t be more thankful for their generosity and support. Make sure to stop by The Herbery nearest you before the show and pick up some tasty Cedar Creek dankness. From premium flower to dab and vape oil, bud bombs and pre rolls, they got what you need when it comes to the weed.

Big ups to ALL the ganja farmers out there all over the world, keep spreading the love and keeping us all lifted. Cheers and best of luck next year!
We hope to see you all tonight. As always, shows at The Brickhouse are FREE, 21 AND OVER ONLY, starts at 9pm and goes ALL NIGHT LONG!
The Brickhouse
109 W 15th St.
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 695-3686


Cedar Creek Cannabis – Best of Clark County 2017

We are so proud and honored to announce that our AMAZING sponsors have been named Best of Clark County 2017 for having the best Cannabis farm in the land, second year in a row! We are so grateful to be affiliated with such a professional, hard working, outstanding and LOCAL company. If you ever need to find literally THE BEST weed in town, go to The Herbery near you and pick yourself up some fine herb, oils, or other cannabis infused products from this amazing company.

To celebrate, we will be playing an extra special Reggae Monday next week at The Brickhouse. Come out and celebrate with the rest of us!

One love to ALL the other weed farms and farmers out there. keep spreading those lovely seeds. Better luck next year! Stay lifted everyone. PEACE!