Just a THANK YOU to all CoLoSo fans

Holy moley what a week!  Me and the boys are eternally thankful to have such amazing friends and family.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate the love and support every single one of you share with us.  We are truly blessed to be alive on this planet at the same time as all of you.  I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences we’ve had this week for all the money in the world.  It’s all of you that make this musical journey we are on worth every second, I am literally in tears.  Making new friendships and strengthening old ones, we are all excited to continue playing our music for you all.  That being said, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again to everyone who came to our shows this past week in Long Beach, Vancouver, Portland, Eugene, and Bend.  Also, big ups to all the bands we shared stages with this week: No Worries from Vancouver, Piracy Conspiracy from San Diego, Satisfi from Portland, Sol Seed from Eugene, and House of Shem from New Zealand.  With too many guest performers to count, I can’t stress enough how rad all of you are.  The best part?  This is only the beginning!  We will see you all at the next show!  Bless

– Kevin Coloso, Lead Singer/Ukulele

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