Reggae Monday’s with Coloso, featuting Heritage Band

One could say that the Coloso train is off to see the wizard this weekend. That’s right, this week, we are back in beautiful Veneta and Eugene, OR for another exciting year at Oregon Country Fair. As many of you are aware, this event attracts some of the most interesting, amazing, talented, and original performances from some of the most unique and colorful people you’ll ever meet. We are honored to have been invited back to the Darling Reunion campground to bask in the radiant light of so many beautiful souls. We absolutely cannot WAIT to play for you all on Saturday, supporting our amazing friends in the ultra popular Eugene band, Sol Seed! After we re-energize, we will be back in time for another summertime reggae Monday. This next week, we will be hosting Heritage Band from Destin, Florida, and we’ve heard some really great things about their performance. If their studio recordings are  any indicator, we can guarantee it’ll be another awesome night. That being said, have a safe and happy weekend everyone! You won’t be hearing from any of us until Monday, more than likely. To all of our fellow campers and fair goers, have a happy fair, and don’t get too lost in your own head. 😉

Heritage band 7-10-2017