Rest of October shows! Tonight at Shannahans!

We got another great October full of spooky shows!  If you’re looking to catch one of our shows this month look no further.  Tonight we are performing at Shannahans in downtown Vancouver 9-12am.  Due to the fires happening in California, the band we were supposed to play with tonight, Clear Conscience, unfortunately had to retreat back home to take care of loved ones.  Rest assured we will fill the night up with our jams no problem!  Next weekend we are performing our final show at the Nauti Mermaid in Lincoln City OR.  We are saddened to say that the Nauti Mermaid is closing soon, and they asked us to be their final band to perform at the place we have grown to love – so don’t miss this one!  We will for sure be pulling out all the stops.  Then the following weekend you can find us at the Green Lady Shoppe in Olymipa WA for their annual Halloween Party!  And only five days after that you will find us rocking out with our family Sol Seed at the Goodfoot Lounge in Portland.  With all these big shows coming up, we have decided to take an additional Reggae Mondays off the calendar for just this upcoming week, but rest assured we will back to our normal Monday routine before the month ends.  Have a spooky month everyone!

shannys clear con

last nauti