Meltdown Showdown pre-sale tickets!!!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us reach our goal to be in the top 5 artists to attend the Meltdown Showdown in Seattle on May17th!!!  The competition is not over however, now is our chance to actually compete in the showdown and show them in person what the Collection of Lone Souljahs are all about!  I know many of you would like come out and support us further by attending this event with us!  However, we have been instructed to alert our fans that tickets for the Meltdown Showdown in Seattle at the Nectar Lounge sold out IN ADVANCE last year, so if you are planning on attending this event with us please make sure to buy a ticket as soon as you can!  You can purchase your tickets here, I believe they are only $7 pre-sale:

Meltdown Showdown 2018